Solidarity: Turn up the heat on your boss! πŸ”₯ TAKE MAY 1 OFF! πŸ”₯

Turn up the heat! πŸ”₯

Let the fat trickle down! πŸ’°

Eat the rich! 🍽️

Dear People,

The powers that be, keep us fighting culture wars
( black/white, male/female, left/right, transgender/cisgender, Israel/Hamas, Russia/Ukraine, pro-life/pro-choice, Hindu/Muslim, republican/democrat, etc ).

These are decoy conflicts designed to distract us from the real war: Rich v/s Poor. The Class War.

Think about it - if people were paid what they were truly worth, if the surplus of their labor output was not pocketed by their employers, we would all have food, shelter, medical care, education etc.

Then other conflicts would largely disappear.

It won't happen overnight, however with full bellies people will become kinder and a virtuous circle of peace will begin.

Israelis and Palestinians will throw parties and invite each other and be magnanimous hosts.

There would be no unwanted pregnancies and so the pro-choice/life issue would become moot.

Many other human areas would become harmonious.

We fight largely because we are told that resources are scarce and we must compete - This is a lie!

The Earth provides abundantly for us to live comfortably, peacefully, and sustainably.

We all deserve our equal share in Earth's abundance.

We would then truly be empowered people and take care of the Earth instead of adding to pollution through mindless consumption.

In the meantime, here is what we can do:

Why don't we all take May 1, 2024 off work, simultaneously, worldwide?

Send a powerful message in solidarity with workers everywhere. 

If you can, please take the day off.

Call in sick at the last moment if you have to.

Do it by any means necessary!

If you are a Union member, please suggest this initiative to your Union leaders. It would be wonderful if all Unions acted in concert. Not just Unions, but religious groups, social justice groups, or any group of people which is open to rising up against worker exploitation, and demanding a fair wage for all.

Let's flex our collective muscle and show the World that the Power belongs to the People!

Tell everyone!

Mark the date:


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