Solidarity: Turn up the heat on your boss! 🔥 TAKE MAY 1 OFF! 🔥

Turn up the heat! 🔥 Let the fat trickle down! 💰 Eat the rich! 🍽️ Dear People, The powers that be, keep us fighting culture wars ( black/white, male/female, left/right, transgender/cisgender, Israel/Hamas, Russia/Ukraine, pro-life/pro-choice, Hindu/Muslim, republican/democrat, etc ). These are decoy conflicts designed to distract us from the real war: Rich v/s Poor. The Class War. Think about it - if people were paid what they were truly worth, if the surplus of their labor output was not pocketed by their employers, we would all have food, shelter, medical care, education etc. Then other conflicts would largely disappear. It won't happen overnight, however with full bellies people will become kinder and a virtuous circle of peace will begin. Israelis and Palestinians will throw parties and invite each other and be magnanimous hosts. There would be no unwanted pregnancies and so the pro-choice/life issue would become moot. Many other human areas would become harmonious. We fight

The Machines Rule US! ( A Poem )

  The corporation secures the government. If the corporation falls, the government falls. If the government falls, the corporation falls. The government protects the corporation. The corporation knows everything about the government. The government helps the corporation know everything about netizens. The government could not move to another corporation. There's no need. There is only one entity. The corporation uses AI to secure data. AI snoops, tattles, judges, and punishes. The last defense of this entity is AI. The Machines rule us!

AlohaCoin2: Proposal for a New Form of Cryptocurrency aimed at Economic Justice and the Environment

AlohaCoin2 Proposal for a New Form of Cryptocurrency aimed at Economic Justice and the Environment What?! A Cryptocurrency? Aren't cryptocurrencies an utter scam? An environmental disaster? Hear me out. In 2012, I got into Bitcoin ( just to buy weed ) and soon saw the potential of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are an existential threat to the state. The powers-that-be would do everything to malign cryptocurrencies in the media, as I noted in my satirical blog post in 2013, " How to Kill Bitcoin: A Guide For Governments ". In it, I correctly predicted several kinds of media messaging that would be used to discredit cryptocurrencies. What I didn't see coming was the Judo move that was finally pulled. They actually let Cryptocurrencies get big! Very big in fact! Crypto Bros made crazy fortunes overnight. A media frenzy ensued.  People got greedy. A bloodbath ensued as people lost crazy fortunes overnight. The media was conspicuously full of stories showing corrupt C

You wanna fight? You can!

  200 countries on Earth 200 leaders gather in a room Each leader gets a console 200 buttons on each console Each leader wears a collar Any leader can now kill any leader At the push of a button Armies are disbanded Peace talks begin.

Global Call to Action! ( May 1, 2024 )

Dear People, Here is an idea —  Why don't we all take May 1, 2024 off work, simultaneously, worldwide? Send a powerful message in solidarity with workers everywhere.  If you can, please take the day off. Call in sick at the last moment if you have to. Do it by any means necessary. If you are a Union member, please suggest this initiative to your Union leaders. It would be wonderful if all Unions acted in concert. Not just Unions, but religious groups, social justice groups, or any group of people which is open to rising up against worker exploitation, and demanding a fair wage for all. Let's flex our collective muscle and show the World that the Power belongs to the People! Spread the word! Mark the date: WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 2024 GLUE Home